Lencca Alpaque Duffel Bag for Acer 15.6 inch Laptops

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Lencca Alpaque Duffel Bag for Acer 15.6 inch Laptops Description

The Alpaque Duffel in its core essence is a composed and capable interpretation of what portability is. It is organized and reflective of each userÆs lifestyle given its seamless ability to transition end uses. The Alpaque Duffel contains the versatility of a carryall duffle bag infused with a laptop carrier within and sized appropriately to carry onboard flights. Ease of access and safekeeping was infused into the Alpaque Duffel from the inside, out. The interior has eight compartments to sort and store multiple items. Among these eight compartments are six patch pockets, and one zippered pocket for things that require added security. The backside of the Alpaque Duffel has a padded fold out laptop compartment. This compartment is flush against the rest of the design of the duffel, cleverly covert. Unzipping the top of this compartment allows access to pull out the laptop, but unzipping the entire zipper, allows the entire compartment to lay flat above a surface. This can be a convenient feature when passing through security checkpoints. The Laptop compartment is designed to fit most 15.6ö Laptops. However, the positioning of the compartment cradles even the smallest laptops securely and comfortably. The compartment dimensions are (H x D x W) 11.5 x 2 x 15 inches. The Alpaque was created using two of LenccaÆs prime materials. Both materials are weather resistant and have long-lasting properties; actively repelling liquids without absorbing a single drop. Our textured Eco-leather was selected for its sensory experience, and its respect for animal life. With nearly a hundred sewing operations per bag, the Alpaque Duffle was designed to be a presentable combination of classic styling, durability, performance, and protection. It features two-tone boldness inside and out, and was carefully crafted with metal hardware and signature Lencca zipper pulls.

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