Whole Foods Is Open On Easter This Year

For all your last-minute needs.

It’s the day of Easter and all through the house, a cute little bunny has scattered eggs as quiet as a mouse. You’ve prepped the ham or lamb with spices and herbs, all tucked in, not to be disturbed. Except, oh no, you forgot one vital step! How could you forget the Dijon with all those hours to prep? What will you do now, that it’s a holiday? Could it be possible the grocery stores are open today? But not to worry, don’t fret too much. As Whole Foods is open for Easter and will come in clutch.

I hope you liked that little poem, but all that rhyming is really just to inform you that Whole Foods will be open on Easter this year, which falls on April 17. So if you forget the Dijon mustard or the mint jelly or the final garnishing herb, the grocery store will be there for you if you have to run out to pick them up.

We did reach out to the chain to confirm, and were told that although Whole Foods Market will be open, “holiday store hours may be limited and will vary by location. Customers should visit wholefoodsmarket.com/stores, and select their neighborhood store for updates on hours.”

You’ve still got plenty of time to plan your menu for the occasion and do any poetic prepping to avoid this situation though. We recommend taking a look at our Easter menu recipes to put together a truly delicious meal.

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