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Kroger Will Be Open On Easter Sunday This Year

Just in case.

Alright, so you put together the perfect meal for Easter, a true Norman Rockwell scene. But like, for the holiday with the bunny, and not the turkey. In the center of the table is a gorgeous herb-crusted rack of lamb, all perfectly sliced and ready to be eaten. Next to that is a golden dish of scalloped potatoes, looking super cheesy and bubbly. There’s even a plate of carrots drizzled in honey and dried rosemary. And for dessert, you've got a cheesecake chilling in the fridge. But just as you're getting ready to sit down, you realize you forgot one small, yet crucial ingredient—the mint jelly of course!

If the closest grocery store to you is a Kroger, then you’re in luck. The chain will be open on Easter Sunday, which falls on April 17 this year. So, the lamb will not have to go without this very necessary condiment. As always, it’s best to call ahead to check that a store is actually open, as different locations might be operating with special holiday hours. You can also take advantage of the store locator on the website, which keeps up-to-date hours of each store location.

Lucky for you, Kroger has all the Easter essentials. There's Easter candy already on sale, everything you need to fill a festive Easter basket, flowers and decor to get your home really feeling like spring, and all the ingredients for an Easter brunch, dinner, or dessert. And if you need help with recipes, we've got you.

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