The New Twizzlers Bunnies Will Hop Into Your Easter Basket With Cherry Flavor

It doesn't get much cuter than this.

hershey's twizzlers bunnies easter candy

You can never have too many Easter treats and, while we love the classic treats like chocolate rabbits and Peep chicks, we never turn out noses up at a new variety. Rolling out in stores now for Easter 2022, you can get the new Twizzlers Bunnies from Hershey’s.

Twizzlers Bunnies

The classic Twizzlers twists are strawberry-flavored, but these seasonal pieces are taking on a cherry flavor. The bite-sized treat is in the shape of a bunny’s profile, so they’ll look adorable as you snack on them. Also, don’t expect ridges on these, because the festive pieces are smooth little animals.

“A group of rabbits is called a fluffle, but bunnies that are cute, red and cherry flavored, we call them delicious! TWIZZLERS Easter Bunnies Cherry Flavored Candy is a wonderful treat to tuck into Easter baskets or for snacking between egg hunts,” the descriptions says.

Just like many other Easter treats, these won’t be around for long. Hershey’s has them listed as seasonal, so don’t expect to see them on shelves long past April 17. It looks like we found a new addition to our Easter basket this year!

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